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Content :
  • 40 Petits Hearts + 1 bouchée

shape of my heart

Feel the love!

A sure way to make everyone happy: salted butter caramel!

Our limited-edition "Heart to Heart" large bouchée, with its generous shape, 75% Criollo dark chocolate shell, and tender filling made of passion fruit and unsalted butter caramel, is delicately accompanied by forty micro-hearts. The latter are filled with mild flavors of caramel coulis and salted butter (white chocolate shell), cocoa ganache (dark chocolate shell) and praline almonds (milk chocolate shell).

1 bouchée + 40 micro hearts

Box size: 7.5" x 7.5", Designed and made in Lyon, France. Presented with a ribbon and an optional free message card (please see below)

$ 69.00

Ref. 3179


Add a "hand-written style" message card in delicious Venezuela 73% cocoa chocolate (+$10)
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Personnalize your gift by adding a free message card!

Make your gift all the more personal with a message card slipped inside.
Simply write down your message in the spaces provided below and click on Preview to see how your text will appear on the gift card.