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French Poems Valentine chocolates and macarons

A perfect assortment to enjoy some exquisite mini French macarons and our limited edition "L'Amour" Valentine's Day gourmet chocolates, all in one gift.

All three different flavors of our "L'Amour" Valentine's Day chocolate 2014 collection are featured in one box of nine heart-shaped gourmet French chocolates:

1. "Day leaves and dew froth, Reeds of wind, scented smiles"
Taken from "La Courbe De Tes Yeux" (The Curve Of Your Eyes) by Paul Eluard, this extract inspired a recipe based on the minerality of the Vanilla from Tahiti, the freshness of sweet mint and peppermint, and a very well balanced Madagascar dark chocolate shell 69%.

2. "Here - some fruits, some flowers, some leaves and some branches
And here my heart which beats for you alone."
With this chocolate, Michel RICHART translates Paul Verlaine's "Green" poem into unforgettable flavors. In a 70% Dominican Republic dark chocolate shell, some bits and purée of raspberry, some essential oil of rose, lime, and blackcurrant pepper, to inspire freshness, enthusiasm, and the vigor of a newborn love.

3. "Thus the lover from an adored body
Plucks memory's exquisite flower."
Charles Baudelaire's "Parfum" exhales, in this creation, the softness of a fine milk chocolate shell, in which orange, yuzu, grapefruit, and iris absolute intertwine their flavors.

The mini macarons featured in this assortment are chosen from the following flavors: Raspberry / Blackberry, Salted Butter Caramel, Vanilla from Madagascar, Blackcurrant, 82% cocoa from the Dominican Republic, 82% cocoa from Madagascar, Pistachio, Apricot, Mango / Passion Fruit, Roasted Hazelnut, Roasted Almond, Milk Chocolate, Blood Orange / Lemon, Grapefruit / Rose, Almond / Arabica Coffee.

To ensure and prolong the freshness of your macarons, we recommend that you keep them in their specific fresh packaging, at the bottom of your fridge.
Best when tasted within five days.
Each box size: 5" x 5", Handmade in France. Presented with a ribbon and an optional free message card (please see below)

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