General information about our products - RICHART Chocolate

General information about our products

1. What is a drawer ballotin?

The chocolate is fragile so it needs a special package to protect it. Our uncompromising dedication to quality consists of ensuring that the chocolate reaches the eyes - and the taste buds - of the consumer in the best possible condition.

That is why in 1986, La Maison RICHART created the drawer ballotin ®, which is known today as the Ballotin RICHART. The chocolates are displayed in their alveoli like jewels and delicately arranged in a white tray.

As original and as they are functional, these trays make serving easy and keep each flavor fresh. In addition, each tray can be removed and passed around the table to facilitate to share for pleasure!


    A drawer ballotin can be composed of
  • A single tray
  •  Multiple trays

2. The Maison RICHART collections


Satisfying every moment in a day for tasting, the collections are dedicated to all "chocolate addicts", who from morning till night and throughout the days of the year, indulge in their favorite pleasure. Such is the philosophy of La Maison RICHART.

Each RICHART collection is an invitation to a tasting experience. Designed to offer chocolate lovers - novices, amateurs or connoisseurs - it delivers the sensual aromas, textures and flavors; and thus cultivate a true art of savoring the chocolate experience.


Because the best chocolate is selected at the right place at the right time, it suits that particular instance at its finest. At La Maison RICHART, we have given "special tasting moments" their names, from which our collections were created.

  • The Chocolate Ceremony ®

    For all of those purists who love the "art of tasting".

    • Nibbling

      For those who cannot resist the desire to nibble.

      • Celebrating

        For those who celebrate family and friendship.

        • At the table

        For those who like to share chocolate during meals.

        • Pairing chocolate

        For those who like to enrich and expand their tasting experience by pairing the chocolates with black tea, herbal tea, coffee or wine.

        • Dreaming

        For those who like to discover the world of chocolate through books, travel, organized tasting, and etc.


        Depending on the moment and occasions of the tasting experiences, the chocolate must possess different characteristics so that the pleasure is derived at that particular moment. This is determined by the qualities of the products: form, size, and dimensions. Also, it is the choices of flavor, accompaniment, season, locale and occasion.

        "This association with special occasions is a pleasure for the chocolatier, who lets the imagination flourish to invent new products and new collections."


        From the simple light flavors of theLittle Gourmet Collection to the intense flavors of the Ultra-Fines Collection, by way of the49 Petits RICHART Collection, you will certainly find a RICHART collection to meet yourchocolate gift-giving needs.

        Here at La Maison RICHART, we believe that you want to cultivate your tasting experiences rather than offering the same chocolates all year round! Hence, in the tradition of great fashion designers, we create new chocolate collections throughout the year.

        All the more reason to celebrate the arrival of spring and autumn... without forgetting the end of the year, Valentine's Day and Easter! So many tasty rendez-vous, so many stories told and retold over chocolates.


        3. The Tasting Guide


        Unique customers deserve exquisite collections!

        To appreciate the delicacy of each piece, La Maison RICHART proposes that all chocolate lovers - amateurs, connoisseurs or experts - develop their taste. Like the great chefs, La Maison RICHART shares this passion with others this art of living for chocolate.


        Since 1988, we have accompanied each one of our collections with a Tasting Guide. Every Tasting Guide opens new doors to knowledge and pleasure.   It also allows for full appreciation of the qualities of RICHART chocolates. Because the aromas arouse in us specific emotions and the warm flavors create a convivial atmosphere, we have to recognize, name and share them.


        A veritable goldmine of mouthwatering choices, the Tasting Guide presents the flavors, evokes the world of eachbonbon within the RICHART aromatic families, and offers imagination for tasting.


        The instrument of a true "Tasting Ceremony" is an integral part of La Maison RICHART's collections that transforms tasting RICHART chocolates into an unforgettable experience.

        4. Personalizing your gift


        • "Message" plaques made of chocolate

              Each box is delicately bound with a white RICHART ribbonballotin with a specific occasion and to give your gift a very personal touch, we offer you the opportunity to add a thin plaque made of dark chocolate (73% pure cocoa) inscribed with a message of your choice: Happy Birthday, Thank You, Congratulations, I Love You, Best Wishes, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year.


        • The ribbon (complimentary)

               The ribbon (complimentary).


        • The gift card (complimentary)

              We also offer you the possibility of personalizing each gift with a card slipped inside.   On it, we will reproduce your message. Simply write it out in the space provided under "Personalize my gift.".

        5. Availability


        • Permanent collections

        These products are available all year-round.

        In the event that a product is temporarily out of stock, a warning will be posted.

        If you wish, you can leave your contact information and we will alert you when it is available.


        • Seasonal collections, ephemeral and occasional

        These products are only available at certain times of the year. A message listing the dates of their availability will be posted.