About Chocolates

Balsamic   Balsamic
Like a soothing salve for the body and spirit; This is a return to the origins of black chocolate, powerful and full-bodied yet tender, with the finest geographic and botanic pedigree, silky butter cream filling with exquisite cacao flavor.
An ultra chic line for those who believe in purity, perfection, authenticity and all things natural.
Venezuela Cocoa Ganache, Haiti Cocoa Ganache, Licorice Ganache, Vanilla Ganache...


Roasted   Roasted
The crack and crunch of the roasted family evokes adventure with a capital A.
An absolute harmony of roasting aromas, caramel, and an extra dose of authenticity.
The savors are subtle and golden, conjuring up images of warm, burning coals that light you from inside.
Almond Praline, Hazelnut Praline, Coffee Ganache, Caramel Coulis...


Fruity   Fruity
Generous and playful, the fruity family is bursting with joie de vivre, and ushers in the bounty of summer harvests.
A festive nectar, fresh like an apricot or strawberry, voluptuous like a chestnut or prune, fragrant like a pineapple, mango or passion fruit, in butter cream or sauce.


Citrus   Citrus
The sun-kissed, vitamin-packed fruits of the Hesperides family give you an energy boost!
The fragrant essence of citrus that sparkles and fills you with a heady vitality.
Kumquat Coulis, Orange Zest Coulis, Grapefruit Ganache...


Herbal   Herbal
From an extraordinary, cool and friendly garden, floats in the wild or powerful fragrances, the suave or subtle notes of aromatic herbs. A perfumed bouquet, a delectable decoction taking us back to our roots, to mother earth.
Jasmine Tea Ganache, Basil Ganache, Thyme Praline, Anise & Fennel Ganache...


Floral   Floral
Romantic freshness or heady voluptuousness: the scents go straight to the heart like a bouquet of flowers.
The airy alpine note echoes in answer to the bewitching call of an exotic blossom.
Rose Ganache, Ylang Ylang Ganache, Lavender Ganache...


Spiced   Spiced
Strong emotions, reminiscent of far away places where color rhymes with fragrance.
Exoticism, mystery, sensuality, the provocative atmosphere of the Orient, insolence, inebriation. A captivating, multi-faceted world opens its doors to you.
Cinnamon Ganache, Curry Praline, Ginger Ganache...