Our commitments - RICHART Chocolate

Our commitments

1. Guaranteed freshness and shelf life




All of our products are made with the greatest care and craftsmanship, using original recipes that link traditional methods with innovative techniques.

Filled Richart Chocolates will stay fresh tasting at room temperature for up to 2-3 weeks, as long as they are kept away from heat and humidity. Plain chocolates (Ultra Fine chocolates in particular) will keep all of their tasting properties for up to 3 months. Specifically, the storage temperature should not exceed 70 degrees Fahrenheit and the relative humidity should remain below 60%. Avoid direct sunlight.  French Macaron, Mini Macaron and Chocomac all have a shelf life of approximately 5-7 days. Refrigerate if possible but not mandatory.

2. Personal assistance



Need help with an order or some other assistance?

Our sales consultants are available Monday - Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.(EST) at 1-800-RICHART (742-4278).


You can also contact us by e-mail at one of the following addresses:


·For everything regarding orders : orders@richart.com
· For information regarding purchasing our products in the USAusa@richart.com
· For information regarding corporate or wedding gifts: corporategifts@richart.com 
· For job information: hr@richart.com

· For all other information or to contact us: headquarter@richart.com 
· For technical questions concerning this site: webmaster@richart.com


Our mailing address is as follows:


PO BOX 8583

New York, NY 10116

3. Security



To prevent unauthorized access, disclosure and improper use of your information, we have established appropriate physical, electronic, and managerial safeguards to protect the information we collect in accordance with our privacy policy.  All credit card payments are managed by the Verisign group, acknowledged for its reliability in the field of Internet transactions. The transaction executed between you and Verisign is encrypted (SSL). The banking data, which you provide, is encrypted on your own computer and never circulates unscrambled on the Internet.