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Gourmet assorted chocolates

5. The words of filled chocolates: ganache, coulis, praline...

Because every love is demanding, Michel Richart has always been very careful with the quality of his raw products, with the generosity of his recipes and with the precision of the “hand-turn”. The treasures of his inherited know-how - the family business started in 1925 - combined with an innate sense of tasting have been the mold of his unique chocolate creations. Aromas, special moments and emotions have then succeeded in triggering his imagination.
Like his father Joseph, Michel has thus created extremely fine chocolates, French macarons and desserts for decades, with surprising originality and a unique making-process.

Not all chocolates were created equal… and it is a real art to make unique chocolate

twofc   At RICHART, we have a very simple ground rule: great chocolate can only be made with great ingredients. Everyone is aware of this, but it is easier said than done!
This process requires research, know-how, a great interest for the subject and of course, a flawless control of our manufacturing. This is why, at RICHART, we are extremely meticulous and sometimes even fastidious.

For the making of our  plain chocolates (for instance for the creation of the Ultra-Fine « Around the World of cocoa » collection) and of our coating, we requirethe very best cocoa beans (Criollo and Trinitario), from the very best production areas- Venezuela and Madagascar for instance.

For the making of our   filled chocolates collections (Ligne Classique and our best-seller, the Petits RICHART),   we select the very best hazelnuts and almonds with the most intense aromas and flavors, from the Italian Piemont, Andalusia or from specialized French areas (Provence, Sologne).

Our dairy products are selected in Normandie and Bresse. Each piece of fruit or fruit juice, each herb and spice is selected depending on its aromatic qualities.  Nothing is too rare or too valuable to enrich our choice. Each ingredient is thus selected and controlled to ensure the best gustative quality to each of our gourmet chocolates.

The success of a recipe owes a lot to the right choice of quantities and proportions. All ingredients do not have the same noble taste. Some will provide the texture, some the flavor, some others the aromas, but each of them needs to stand out without overpowering the others. This is why we pay so much attention to the recipes, that are all unique. We really do make a difference between ingredients. Sugar for instance, is used like a spice, and this is why we incorporate it after rigorously dosing it and keeping only the necessary amount of it. We do so for each ingredient, like cocoa butter and cream, which we use for their texture and to make other aromas and flavors stand out.
These products’ quantities are thoroughly determined after specific gustative requirements rather than after considering cost matters.

Here are the main chocolate fillings you will be able to taste in each gourmet chocolate assortment:

• Ganache:
A chocolate ganache filling is obtained by mixing cream and extremely good chocolate. The best chocolate ganache can be obtained thanks to the great quality of the cream (from Normandie or Bresse) and to delicious chocolate from the best production areas.

• Praline:
A praline is a chocolate filling obtained by mixing roasted almonds or hazelnuts with caramelized sugar and then grinding the mixture to obtain a thin powder.
The best pralines will include as many almonds or hazelnuts as possible, with the best aromatic qualities, and sugar baked with caramel.

• Coulis – A RICHART specialty:
A coulis is the result of the mixture of fruit pulp, caramelized sugar and cocoa butter. This mixture enables to render all the aromatic qualities of the pulp.

• Plain chocolates:
Discover all the strength and depth of dark chocolate within our Ultra Fine Collection for which we select the best cocoas in the world for your greatest pleasure.

Whether you are looking for wedding favor ideas, chocolate party favors or just a simple romantic gift, RICHART’s premium chocolates are the best combination of quality, originality and wonderful fillings, for even more pleasure! Here are some examples of our « assorted chocolates » from plain chocolates to chocolate ganache, from sweet praline to fruity coulis: