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  • 16 Sparkles chocolates


Discover our 2012 holiday gourmet chocolate gifts collection: SPARKLES.

For this new ephemeral collection, Michel RICHART revisited his innovative concept of a three-layered French chocolate with whole new flavors. At first, you will bite into a sumptuous 73% Venezuela dark cocoa shell, then you will experience the serenity of a Madagascar cocoa ganache, paving the way to the discovery of one of his new bubbles of infusion trapped in the middle.

SPARKLES suggests the feeling of celebration, bursting bubbles of flavor, and joy in people's eyes, which everyone at RICHART hopes you will experience.

5 different flavors are to be tasted in this assortment of 16 bonbons: "Serene Fragrances", "Picking Berries", "Citrus Sunshine", "Bouquet of Mints", and "Cinnamon Warmth".

Box size: 5" x 5"

$ 29.00

Ref. 2541


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