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  • 36 filled chocolates

A raspberry summer (large)

This assortment contains 36 chocolates, composed of all three pairings we exclusively created for this collection. Here is what you should know about each of these creations:

- raspberry / rose: its shell is made of dark, 72% cocoa chocolate. Its filling contains natural aromas of rose, cream from Bresse, and raspberry pulp. Its savors are very well balanced between acidity, bitterness, and sweetness, while its texture is melting and soft. The Overall Flavor of this chocolate will give you a happy feeling of youth, contained fire, the

joys of life in a nutshell!

- raspberry / yuzu: another new, surprising pairing between beloved raspberry and a mysterious citrus fruit from Japan. With a milk chocolate shell to compensate the acidity of both fruits, the Overall Flavor of this creation will be one of freshness and lightness. One feels carried away by a sea breeze...

- raspberry / vanilla: saying a temporary goodbye to the Vanilla from Tahiti we usually infuse into our chocolates and macarons, we chose to showcase a wonderful Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar, selected for its powerful flavor. Indeed, such might was needed to face the strong aromas of raspberry from this filling. You will experience a raspberry attack, then intense aromas of vanilla, with dark chocolate as a final. Its Overall Flavor conveys a feeling of well-being, plenitude, and warmth.

Box size: 7.5" x 7.5"

$ 64.00

Ref. 3520

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