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  • 49 Petits RICHART

Petits RICHART Intense
Gourmet chocolates

The quintessence of RICHART in one sleek box of 49 French chocolates selected among 7 aromatic families, our signature gourmet chocolate gift.

Surprise. Amazement. Delight. Giddiness. Curiosity. Pleasure.

This is what our Intense assortment sparks off, as it offers the widest range of flavors selected within seven aromatic families: balsam, roasted, fruity, citrus, floral, spicy, and herbal. For a detailed and comprehensive description each flavor, please click on the "Detailed QuintesSense guide" below the image.

Each of these jewel-like chocolates features a 73% dark chocolate shell from Venezuela, made of the most prestigious cocoa bean: Criollo. All flavors are associated with unique colorful designs created by Michel Richart, and convey various feelings, bring up old memories, draw genuine smiles or surprise expressions on our faces, and finally make us delight - guilt-free - in each of these 15-calorie chocolates. Indeed, while filled chocolate truffles usually weigh 12 grams, Richart removed all the unnecessary sugar and fat to keep the most noble ingredients, ending up with just 4 grams of pure, natural, and healthy flavor. 

With this amazing assortment, you will truly understand the meaning of our motto “more pleasure through better tasting”. An incredible experience and a wonderful gift for all…

Box size 7.5’’ x 7.5’’ - Presented with a ribbon and an optional free message card - Designed and made in Lyon, France

$ 72.60

Ref. 3200

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