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  • 49 Petits Richart + 1 award-winning book

Love begins in Winter

This limited edition pairing of French luxury chocolate and fine literature is the result of a unique collaboration between two artisans: author Simon Van Booy and our master chocolatier, Michel Richart. 

Monsieur Van Booy and Monsieur Richart have won numerous accolades throughout their careers, and their continued devotion to their respective crafts has enabled the creation of this wonderful new experience, a blend of taste and feeling, elegance and joie de vivre.

The process began with Monsieur Van Booy identifying a range of feelings he felt were evoked on specific pages in his book, through the experience of reading.  Monsieur Richart then called on his decades of insight to complement each feeling with a rare, surprising, and profoundly distinct flavor.  The result is a seamless fusion of physical and emotional, heart and body--the perfect way to celebrate love, or to inspire it.

This highly unique gift-set will only be available for a limited time, starting January 25, 2012. Each book is signed by the author.

$ 75.00

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