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Fruity Chocolate Wedding Favor

Whether your wedding is in July or December, these fruity Petit Richart gourmet chocolates will delight all of your guests. Their sweet yet delicate flavors will highlight every happy moment on your special day. Let their delicious flavors take you back to all the sweet moments spent with your significant other. Take the time to create new memories for a rainy day thanks to these 9 chocolates and their lively fragrances. Feel the sunshine come in the room when you have the first bite, let the serenity of their smooth ganache invade you and remember every single happy moment while letting the chocolate melt slowly on your palate... a pure delight!

Assortment with 9 chocolates and 7 flavors to be discovered:

- Warm strawberry coulis

- Generous blueberry coulis

- Exotic mango and passion fruit coulis

- Cheerful Ardèche chestnut coulis

- Warm blackcurrant airy coulis

- Exotic pineapple airy ganache

- Soft raspberry ganache

Box size: 4" x 4". Presented with a ribbon - let us know about a specific color in the "Comments" section at check out - and an optional free message card. Designed and made in France.

$ 15.00

Ref. 1203


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