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Nut-Free Petits Richart Fruity Gourmet chocolates

Playful spirit. Always in a good mood, with a smile for everyone, but allergic to nuts? You'll be enchanted by this selection of nut-free "Fruity" Petits RICHART gourmet chocolates: a collection of ganaches and coulis made with prunes from Aquitaine,  pineapples, raspberries... a burst of energy guaranteed!

The flavors to be discovered are as follows:

- Warm strawberry coulis

- Generous blueberry coulis

- Exotic mango and passion fruit coulis

- Warm blackcurrant airy coulis

- Exotic pineapple airy ganache

- Soft raspberry ganache

Box size: 5'' x 5''. Presented with a ribbon, and an optional free message card. Designed and made in France.

$ 24.60

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