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Petits RICHART in a Burlwood Vault


If you’re looking for a gift that will grant you the amazement and flight of enthusiasm of any chocolate lover, this is it. Both the authentic burl wood chest and the incredible range of Petits Richart beautifully assorted within each drawer will have any chocolate connoisseur fall head over heels for this creation.

Fall for a completely hand-crafted burlwood vault, made in the Massif Central region of France by a seasoned artisan. Seventeen layers of coating are applied on the burl wood, among several other treatments, to reach a beautiful, sleek result. It takes four months for each temperature and humidity gauged vault to be made.

Within each drawer of the vault, taste our Petit Richart collection, with chocolates that weigh only 4 grams because they were handcrafted with the best ingredients in the best quantities. With its seven trays, each dedicated to an aromatic family, this Burlwood Vault will bring you to the quintessence of pleasure! And with only 15 calories per piece, have a guilt-free tasting with our balsam, roasted, citrus, fruity, herbal, spicy and floral Petit Richart, and do not hesitate and refill your vault once it has had its first success!

Seize the opportunity to really taste these Petits Richarts and remember all the forgotten places and the old memories to finally reach what we like to call the “overall flavor”. Close your eyes and let your mind boggle, while slowly having the chocolate melt on your palate. Use your senses to perceive all of the hints of flavor and all the aromas floating in the air, and then open your mind to everything you associate with these fragrances. Either decide to completely focus on one aromatic family and bring in your day the pep of a citrus, the romanticism of a floral, the ardor of a roasted or the sweetness of a fruity. Or be daring and travel from family to family while being lulled by a wave of images and feelings.

Perfect to share with guests at the end of a gourmet dinner, or to open in front of bewildered friends, this vault is a lot more than a simple assortment. The chest itself was hand-crafted exclusively for RICHART and exquisitely designed to display its gourmet content. The vault presents 7 drawers of chocolate complete with temperature and humidity gauges.

Vault size: 9"3/8 x 6 5/8 x 6"3/8
Each tray is 5" x 5"

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Petits Richart in a Burlwood Vault

$ 850.00

Ref. 92272


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