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Chocolat Mon Amour
Chocolate recipes

Because this book was written by a true master chocolatier, it is not your typical chocolate book. Michel Richart conveys his passion in each sentence and each recipe you can find in his book. Chocolate is, indeed, his first love and as someone who has grown up with a master chocolatier as a father, it is a pure delight to find in his explanations and anecdotes a true connoisseur who only wishes to share what he has been learning since he was a child.

With sections about chocolate varieties, how chocolate is made from cocoa beans, various types of fillings (ganache, coulis, praline..), chocolate pairings and last but not least, chocolate recipes from Mr. Richart himself, this book is a true goldmine for anyone who loves chocolate and wishes to learn more about it through a passionate master chocolatier's own experience.

190 pages, 10.25" x 11.5"

$ 50.00

Ref. 8100

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