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  • 9 Petit Richart Orange coulis

BAB Gourmet chocolate bar

For all of those who enjoy a true moment of pleasure during the day, and at any time, RICHART created the "BAB", a new kind of French gourmet chocolate bar.

A small, sleek packaging closed with a woodstick you can carry around all the time, that contains 9 Petits RICHART, our signature collection.
Perfect as a gift, as an attention or just as a personal treat, the BAB is easy to carry while always remaining tasty and smooth.

This BAB contains 9 Petits RICHART filled with an Orange zest coulis. As soon as the chocolate shell starts to melt, a bitter taste is distinguishable by the palate. This bitterness is however not at all agressive, for it is balanced by a slight sweetness. The coulis filling progressively creates a slightly different bitterness, which is rather soft. The Petit RICHART has a very specific scent, balancing the complex and fine chocolate aromas. The filling quickly leads to the powerful and refined aromas of crystallized orange zests. Finally, the tasting experience ends on the perfect meeting of the delicious flavors of orange zests and chocolate. The texture is particularly scattered, smooth and silky.

Designed and made in Lyon, France.

$ 10.30

Ref. 4381

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