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Walk through the woods - Box of 16 macarons from the Fall collection

Imagine yourself on a walk through the woods, with this box of 16 Fall macarons: walnut, hazelnut, chestnut, blueberry,...
Fallen leaves crunch under foot as we stroll through a silent forest. The smell of moist earth and mushrooms tickles the nose. Wrapped in woolens, off we go to hunt through the woods for hidden treasures to fill our baskets. Then it's back home to the warmth and comfort of a hot chocolate or tea to go with the Fall macarons.
Colorful and plump, the shells of our macarons are made according to the unique recipe of Maison RICHART: an Italian meringue with added almond powder to give them a tender, airy texture under a thin outer crust (unlike the thicker traditional crusts).

• Box of 16 macarons from the Fall collection such as roasted hazelnut macaron, roasted nut macaron, chestnut macaron, blueberry macaron, chocolate macaron, noisella macaron... (assorted flavors)

Box size: 8.26 x 5.51 x 1,96 ’’. Free optional message card - Handmade in Lyon, France.

$ 43.20

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