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  • 25 nut-free chocolates

Nut-Free Ligne Classique
Gourmet chocolates

Ligne Classique by RICHART is an elegant traditional chocolate collection.  These unique pieces present 7 NUT-FREE classic fillings (ganaches or coulis) with powerful yet delicate aromas.  Each piece was created with a pure dark or milk chocolate shell.

25 pieces with different flavors chosen among the following:

- Raspberry ganache

- Mango and passion fruit ganache

- Orange zest coulis

- Venezuela cocoa ganache

- Arabica coffee ganache

- Salted-butter caramel coulis

- Lemon zest caramel coulis

Box size: 7.5" x 7.5". Presented with a ribbon, and an optional free message card. Designed and made in France.

$ 65.00

Ref. 000000002

Add a "hand-written style" message card in delicious Venezuela 73% cocoa chocolate (+$10)
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