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  • 25 filled chocolates + 1 chocolate card

Happy Holidays Clair-Obscur - Personalized gift box of filled chocolates (large)

Shadow and light, tender and strong, height and depth... For its new collection of holiday chocolates, Maison RICHART took inspiration from Renaissance painters and the technique of chiaroscuro which they used to obtain effects of shadow and brightness, shedding new light on the world.

Each chocolate brings to light a rich palette of ingredients, playing on contrasts in seven different recipes, revealing a fresh new flavor composition, creating unexpected sensations in the mouth, smoothing the edges of a sharp citrus, tempering a feisty flavor or, on the contrary, intensifying a delicate one ...
All, thanks to a unique combination of two ingredients, open the way to new tastes that reveal each fruit, spice or flower under a new light.

Box of 25 assorted chocolates presented with a dark chocolate message card marked "Happy Holidays":
• The Balsamic variety: lush Tonka beans accentuated by a vanilla ganache
• The Roasted variety: the strength of coffee softened by a milk chocolate and hazelnut ganache
• The Fruity variety: the tingle of raspberry smoothed by tender hazelnut ganache
• The Citrus variety: vivacious yuzu lifted by the fullness of mandarin in a white ganache
• The Herbal variety: the warmth of Provence herbs emboldened by a dark chocolate ganache
• The Floral variety: exuberant neroli mellowed by the roundness of hazelnut praline
• The Spiced variety: the bite of ginger provoked by the tang of a lime peel ganache.

Box size: 7,5" x 7,5". Presented with personalized gift wrap and ribbon. Free optional message card - Handmade in Lyon, France.

$ 79.60

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