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  • 9 filled chocolates + 6 glazed chestnuts

Frosty Holidays - Gift box of assorted filled chocolates and glazed chestnuts (small)

For touch of frost, this double box includes 9 filled chocolates from the new Clair-Obscur collection created by Maison RICHART for the end-of-year holidays, and glazed chestnuts.

Each Clair-Obscur chocolate is a unique combination of 2 ingredients that showcase each other in a gourmet play on contrasts, to the surprise and delight of all : lush Tonka beans accentuated by a vanilla ganache, the strength of coffee softened by a milk chocolate and hazelnut ganache, the tingle of raspberry smoothed by tender hazelnut ganache, vivacious yuzu lifted by the fullness of mandarin in a white ganache, the warmth of Provence herbs emboldened by a dark chocolate ganache, exuberant neroli mellowed by the roundness of hazelnut praline and the bite of ginger provoked by the tang of a lime peel ganache

6 glazed chestnuts from Ardeche, only slightly sweet, tender through and through.

2 Boxes - Each box 5" x 5". Presented with personalized gift wrap and ribbon. Free optional message card - Handmade in Lyon, France.

$ 51.60

Ref. 9920227U


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