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Fraicheur Selection Easter Gourmet Chocolates

Meet the stars of our spring gourmet chocolate collection, the "Fraîcheur" Easter eggs, and indulge in our signature collection, the Petits Richart chocolates, all gathered in one assortment: Fraîcheur Selection.

Flavors featured in the Fraîcheur collection are:
- MORNING DEW: notes of lemon awaken the sweet notes of praline almonds and lead us outside, on a pretty spring morning. Dark cocoa shell.
- VOLUBLE TRILL: like the song of a thrush, fresh and swirling notes of raspberry, accented with a hint of basil, delight the palate. Dark cocoa shell.
- ECLOSION: First buds, first flowers, nature explodes in this chocolate with hints of lime and passion fruit. Milk chocolate shell.
- SUNBURST: bright and sparkling citrus notes titillate our senses and cheerfully color our days. Dark cocoa shell.
- BREATH OF SPRING: a chocolate that's sweet as the first breath of spring, with notes of torrefaction awakened by fresh and anised notes. Milk chocolate shell.

The Petits Richart ballotin contains a selection of 16 Petits Richart, curated among the following aromatic flavors: balsam, roasted, fruity, and citrus - see Detailed quintesSense guide under the picture.

Presented with a ribbon and an optional free message card, handmade and imported from France.
Each box size: 5" x 5"

$ 39.00

Ref. 92209630


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