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Content :
  • 16 filled chocolates + 9 pâtes de fruits

Folie - box of filled chocolates and French pâtes de fruit (small)

Bubbles and fruit galore in this double box of filled chocolates and French pâtes de fruits

With Infuze, discover new territories of taste: each piece of chocolate contains a liquid center with a bubble of flavorful, non-alcoholic infusion that bursts in the mouth, releasing a profusion of tastes, textures and flavors... for even more pleasure!

5 assorted chocolates

• In a balsamic garden (plain ganache with a bubble of vanilla infusion)

• Raspberry lips (plain ganache with a bubble of red fruit infusion)

• A touch of Idleness (plain ganache with a bubble of orange coulis infusion)

• In a bath of petals (plain ganache with a bubble of citrus and rose caramel infusion )

• Fragrances from a Far East market (plain ganache with a bubble of spiced infusion)

As for our French pâtes de fruits, they are made from pure fruit pulp (no artificial flavoring added) and offer unique combinations of 2 flavors:

• raspberry and fresh mint

• mango and passion fruit

• green mandarin and sweet orange

• apricot and lime

• apple and cinnamon                                                                                                               

Box size: 5" x 5" Presented with personalized gift wrap and ribbon. Free optional message card - Handmade in Lyon, France.

$ 50.10

Ref. 9920015u

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