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  • 4 Petit Richart chocolates

Confetti chocolate wedding favors

On your special day, you wish everything to be perfect, so that not only you but all of your guests cherish the memory of the magical occasion they shared with you. Original yet timeless, sweet yet delicate, these Petit Richart are the perfect attention for your guests. Whether your wedding is in July or December, these assorted chocolates will delight all with their lovely customizable box and ribbon and their scrumptious aromas.

Let their delicious flavors take you back to all the sweet moments spent with your significant other. Take the time to create new memories for a rainy day thanks to these 4 chocolates and their captivating fragrances. Feel the sunshine come in the room when you have the first bite, let the serenity of their smooth ganache invade you and remember every single happy moment while letting the chocolate melt slowly on your palate... a pure delight!

This is an assortment of four Petit Richart chocolates. You can choose below the aromatic family that you would like for your confettis. We will be delighted to create the perfect confetti for your special day!

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