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ALMOND Chocomacs

Crisp and fluffy texture of the French macaron… Smoothness and subtlety of the ganache with intense aromas…
Depth and luster of chocolate in its raw state, which crunches under your teeth and makes you melt with pleasure…
Discover the RICHART exclusive creation: CHOCOMAC.

These Chocomacs only contain ALMONDS and are otherwise NUT-FREE

8 new explosive recipes offering a wide range of varied tasting harmonies:

Santodino 82% CHOCOMAC • Sambiraja 82% CHOCOMAC • Sarajiva milk chocolate CHOCOMAC • Arabica coffee CHOCOMAC • Lemon and lime CHOCOMAC • red berries CHOCOMAC • mint CHOCOMAC • Seven spices CHOCOMAC


Box size: 7.5'' x 7.5''

$ 67.00

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